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HERMANA COOP a Moroccan cooperative specialized in the production and distribution of natural high-end organic beauty products as well as the cultivation and valorization of local products.

HERMANA COOP offers a range of natural cosmetics divided into three lines:

  •          Face care
  •          Hair care
  •          Body care

HERMANA COOP is the sense of nature and:

Provenance: each product originates from the region most known in Morocco by the quality and the virtues of its products.

The Ritual: these products have been used since the dawn of time for the care of the body, hair, and face by Moroccan women, for its exceptional cosmetic virtues.

Truth: these products are pure and natural without coloring, preservatives or perfumes.

Contemporaneity: these products respond to the equation: background and form (good quality with sophisticated packaging)

Quality: the manufacturing routing of these products meets quality standards



See our catalog on: www.hermana.ma